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The Bonde Name and Certification

The Name “Bonde”

Bonde, pronounced “bond”, refers to the round hole in the barrel used to fill the barrel, as well as the piece of wood or cylindrical-conical glass used to fill the hole. The Bonde seals the wine, which is then set to age. The Bonde is always handcrafted, each individually blown by a master glass blower, which makes an object that is always unique and dedicated to a specific barrel. 

The name Bonde also refers to the importance of human bonding—the process of developing close, interpersonal relationships between people. While bonding often takes place between family members or friends, it can also develop among groups, whenever people spend time together, especially when they are sharing a common interest. That is what we hope to achieve with Bonde: a place where wine lovers of all levels can come together to discuss, learn, and most importantly, enjoy new experiences and friendships.

We carry mouth-blown glass barrel Bondes in our shop. You can find them here, or stop by our shop to see them in person and find the right barrel Bonde for you. 

The Bonde Certification

Each bottle sold in our shop comes with a sticker that signifies that it is Bonde-certified. Our certification label offers a guarantee that our products meet the standards of high quality and authenticity, but also are sourced uniquely from eco-responsible and sustainable practices.