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Pearl Morissette Oxyde Riesling 2021

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery, Riesling “Oxide” 2021
Lincoln Lake shore, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
Winemaker: François Morissette

When iron oxide meets a Riesling.

This wine is the work of a very talented Quebec winemaker who chose the shores of Lake Ontario to surprise us with this unconventional vision of this normally typical grape variety. Riesling vines planted in red clay, a vinification without intervention (Natural Winemaking), and above all a lot of humility to let this wine fully express the strangeness of this soil.

But here, no lemon pie, no Limoncello or excessive minerality. But rather a nice surprise that allows us to redefine our convictions about the possibilities that this grape variety can bring and express. Of an old gold color not polished, of a bold and imposing visual, and yet the legs are wide and not slimy. A nose of candied quince, white currants, beeswax, dried hay, white mint powder, and apple blossom. With a discreet nose of acacia flower. The palate is frank, warm, full-bodied, and slightly oily. Warm lemon, cooked melon, saline like a cooked oyster, and lots of warm quince. Very elegant with a discreet but very present acidity. This wine is a giant in a velvet glove. It’ll bluff you like the Trojan horse.

Honoring it at the table with a seashells casserole, duck leg confit with quince puree, or a white lake or sea fish, such as carp or flounder with preserved lemon and green shiso leaves sauce.

ATTENTION: This wine should absolutely be transferred to a decanter and allowed to rest at a temperature of 50 to 55 F for one to two hours before serving.

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