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Vol. 14 "Letter to a Cigar Smoker"

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Letter to a Cigar Smoker
Eco-anxiety, Solastalgia and Tribal Recognition
Book of Bertil 14.01
"What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the other ninety-nine on the mountains, to fetch the one that has gone astray?”
Matthew 18:12


Not so long ago on a beautiful autumn evening, I was happy to have left my door open to enjoy the good evening air and the happy life of the street, but it was at this moment that a man stopped in front of the door of Bonde. The elegant man, in his fifties, with a complacent and self-satisfied attitude, slowly exhales all the smoke from his very large cigar directly into my shop with a debonair air full of arrogance. He came in good faith, polluting my precious environment, poisoning my lungs and my very precious respiratory orifice, and the aromatic neutrality of the shop. But more than all, it has triggered in me my PTSD anxieties of Eco-anxiety and Solastalgia. Clearly, this individual is not part of my tribe. But is he part of yours *

*(this story and this character are pure fictions, and if you think you recognize it, it depends only on your judgment and personal imagination, not mine)

14.1.1 Definition of Eco-anxiety:

"'Eco-anxiety' is a term that accounts for anxiety experiences related to environmental crises. It encompasses "climate change anxiety" (anxiety specifically related to anthropogenic climate change), as well as anxiety about a multiplicity of environmental disasters, including the elimination of entire ecosystems and plant and animal species, the increased incidence of natural disasters and extreme weather events, global mass pollution, deforestation, rising sea-level, and warming of the planet... and cigar smoke.

14.1.2 Definition of Solastalgia:

Solastalgia is an emerging form of depression or distress caused by environmental change, such as from climate change, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, and/or other negative or upsetting alterations to one's surroundings or home. This condition brings with it a profound, often long-lasting disruption to a person's sense of identity, belonging, and security relating to where they live...and what they can breathe freely.

14.1.2 Definition of the Tribe:

Social formation living in community, according to certain rules. A set of families living in the same region, moving together, with a common political system, religious beliefs, and language.

“We who are strong, we must compensate for the weaknesses of those who are not, and not wallow in ourselves.” Romans 15:1



All of us today are aware of the reality of global warming and the direct impact on our current model of life. It is too late for us adults to act in order not to be exposed, and to have to suffer the effects, and the changes of this state of affairs. In addition, it is certain that our eco- anxiety will not improve in the coming years.

We can complain, cry over our case, blame our parents and grandparents for what they left us, and judge them for self- centeredness and shameful individualism. To accuse the world and the politicians, to shout and revolt, unfortunately, will not change anything. Our eco-anxiety is therefore not only an individual reality, but a collective reality.


In order not to fall into a Solatalgia pathology it is important to act. Tribes have already formed and are known in their choices by publicly displaying their decisions. Like choosing to drive an electric car, actively participating in farmers markets, showing up with a bag to Whole Foods (pre-2017) or Bread and Circus. To religiously participate in recycling and composting and to display its action every week rolling the blue and green bin on the edge of the sidewalk. Or to show off with clothing brands or shoes that are militant for ecology. So, V is for VEJA, T is for TESLA, and B is for Bonde?



The only thing we can do today is to react by taking concrete actions on a daily basis, big or small, to leave a less compromised legacy for our children and future grandchildren. These concrete actions are moral, social, and responsible remedies for our diseases of the 21st century.

14.3.1 The butterfly effect* without compromising on pleasure and quality:

*Definition: The butterfly effect is commonly used to be the phenomenon whereby a small and distant event can cause an important indirect and unsuspected consequence. In other words, according to this idea, every action, even the most banal, can have an influence in the long run.

Pleasure: A state of contentment created in someone by the satisfaction of a tendency, a need, a desire.

Quality: A way of being that is not measurable (of a thing) that gives a greater or lesser value (as opposed to quantity).

But then! what is the link between cigar smoking, Bonde, and all this moral reading of Eco-anxiety, Solatalgia, and the butterflies?


Let's play! The Cigar Smoker: Mr. Monopoly

Let us not hide from our reality. We live in a capitalist system, and whatever our social consciousness, this system is ours. As a consumer and production society, they are the foundations of our country's success.
Monopoly is a good example of the pleasure we can have to apply these rules and their strategies around a board game. Because who wins will always be the richest. And so, the question is not there, but in the image and arrogance that represents the cigar of this Mr. Monopoly. This object represents the wealth and power and social superiority of the one who smokes it in PUBLIC. But he is also irreverent, insolent, disrespectful and anti-social. It POLLUTES the universe of those around it. It can cause cancer, and most importantly, it stinks. So, if Milton Bradley Company withdrew the cigar from Mr. M. a long time ago, we too can withdraw ours by deciding to be Eco-capitalists and consume with the respect of others in a more social Eco-responsibility. Let's give back to Lizzie Magic the fundamentals of the creation of this game, named in 1903 " The Landlord's Game " which was intended as a message against the danger of individualistic capitalism and the danger of the Cigar and therefore the disaster it represents for the future of our tribe on earth.


Bonde: An air of freshness 

Let's not lie to ourselves, Bonde is a business. Our goal is the same as all businesses. We anticipate income in exchange for our products and services, which must generate enough profit to support all operating expenses, salaries, and a dividend if possible. But we believe that we can do it with a philosophy and social and environmental integrity to allow you to be an actor of the solution, and this without compromising
quality and pleasure.

14.4.1 Our approach is simple, the Bonde Certification

In the word “eco-responsible” there are two roots: ecological responsibility and economic responsibility. This is why Bertil Jean- Chronberg selects only eco-responsible vineyards (sustainable, organic, biodynamic, natural) and also specializes in wines from American micro- vineyards. As an internationally renowned sommelier with more than 40 years of expertise, he is committed to offering you wines and wine accessories of high standards of quality and authenticity that are only authors' wines and artisans' objects. Bonde gives you the opportunity to enjoy drinking while supporting winegrowers and artisans who work to respect the future of our planet by limiting the carbon footprint. So be part of the butterfly effect tribe because our pacifier depends on yours.

14.4.2 Eco-anxiety and Solastalgia 

We believe at Bonde in not drinking to forget but drinking to remember.

If you have the desire to be a part of this philosophy, count on us, we will be here for you.


Mr. B

*Memorandum: My words and opinions in these newsletters are and would always be personal, and I intend to offend. I always accept that others have the full right and duty to challenge me, to argue, and, if it is necessary, excommunicate me from their beliefs (often dull and hollow) because I would act the same way if it were the other way around.