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Autumn Roasted Red Kuri Squash Salad

Autumn Red Kuri Squash Salad


This recipe for autumn reminisces of summer moment, like a last farewell to the days of great sunshine.

Red Kuri - This rounded winter squash has a distinct pointed top and reddish-orange skin with bright orange flesh on the inside. This versatile squash tastes like chestnut and is perfect in sweet desserts, muffins, or prepared with savory meals.


Serves 2

Preparation 15 minutes, cook time 25 minutes


6 slices of very crispy bacon (omit for vegetarian)

5 large button mushrooms, washed and chopped finely

5 medium Shitake mushroom, finely diced

2 handfuls of fresh farm spinach, washed, finely sliced, and coarsely torn

small amount of spring pea shoots

1 orange, peeled and cut into supremes with no skin

4 oz. squash seeds lightly roasted with olive oil

1 small red kuri squash (or unshine kabocha), seeded and cut in 1.5” wedges, skin on

2 medium red onions, peeld & thinly sliced

6 whole garlic cloves, peeled

5 ounces of quality feta cheese, coarsely crumbled

Virgin Olive Oil (Californian or Lebanese if possible

1 oz. artisanal farmer’s honey (clover if possible)

1 pinch of cumin powder

1 pinch of cinnamon powder


Black pepper


The recipe:


Place oven rack in the middle and heat to 440ºF

Add the squash, onion, and garlic to a large bowl

Pour in the honey, cumin, cinnamon, and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix everything gently.

Spread the vegetables on a sheet pan with a baking mat (Silpat) or parchment paper.

Bake for 25 minutes.


Meanwhile sauté the mushrooms in a pan over medium heat with a little olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste and reserve.


Divided on two large plates, plate your spinach and pea spring shoot, drizzle the feta, bacon crumbles and mushrooms.

Remove the vegetables from the oven and place them on the top of the preparation.

Place 3 orange supremes on each plate evenly, and sprinkle with squash seeds.

Salt and pepper lightly and serve.


Bonde's suggested wine pairings:

Cutting your orange into supremes.