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Dry Wine January: Trouvère Tempranillo

Dry Wine January 

Dry January is a popular contraction of the famous "Dry Wine January" movement which promotes the fashion of drinking only dry wines in January, and preferably white, red or orange.

Definition: A dry wine, regardless of color, that contains less than 4 grams of residual fructose (1 teaspoon sugar). These are wines with an organoleptic sensation that seem less fruity, or not at all fruity, with great acidity.

Trouvère Artist Series by Lange Winery

Trouvère is the name that Don and Wendy Lange gave to their exclusive line of exceptional wines produced in very small quantities. These wines are normally only available through their wine club membership and at the vineyard. But Bonde Fine Wine has the exclusive honor of offering you three different Trouvère wines, available in our shop or online (in very small quantities).  Here is the second of the three: 

Tempranillo Reserve 2015

Umpqua Valley, South Oregon, Oregon

Label: Basaltic Caves by Mary Heebner 

Tempranillo is a noble grape variety from the Rioja region of Spain, though it is also from Portugal under the name of Aragonez. Thanks to the revival of Spanish grape varieties in the wine world since the 90s, it has increased in popularity in American vineyards in recent decade. This grape variety has neutral aromatic characteristics, making it a perfect subject of adaptability according to the climate of origin (making it more or less acidic) and the style decided by the winemaker. This Temmpranillo comes from southern Oregon, at its border with Northern California, from a very special and little-known wine region of the Umpqua Valley. I must be very honest; this wine is a far cry from the Rioja style, and much closer to the Portuguese Douro style known as Tinta Roriz.

Intense purple, almost black, with a hint of brick-brown color, this wine nevertheless retains a certain dazzling and almost translucent brilliance. It has an intense nose of black plum, spicy cinnamon, Indian spices, dry bacon, blackened charcoaled red meat, coal powder, and dry black licorice. On the palate, the wine surprises first with its freshness and brilliance, before the crescendo of black fruit, spices on firm tannins, dry finish of Indian spice aromas and powerful notes of cinnamon and five spices takes the relay. This is the definition of a dry wine. What a pleasure! Especially if you pair it with juicy meat, like an Asian Short rib, Chinese beef stew, Yukgaejang (Korean spicy Beef), or a venison Juicy Stew in Red Wine Sauce.

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