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Dry Wine January: Trouvère Pinot Blanc


Dry January is a popular contraction of the famous "Dry Wine January" movement which promotes the fashion of drinking only dry wines in January, and preferably white, red or orange.

Definition: A dry wine, regardless of color, that contains less than 4 grams of residual fructose (1 teaspoon sugar). These are wines with an organoleptic sensation that seem less fruity, or not at all fruity, with great acidity. 

Trouvère Artist Series by Lange Winery

Trouvère is the name that Don and Wendy Lange gave to their exclusive line of exceptional wines produced in very small quantities. These wines are normally only available through their wine club membership and at the vineyard. But Bonde Fine Wine has the exclusive honor of offering you three different Trouvère wines, available in our shop or online (in very small quantities). Here is the third of the three:

Pinot Blanc 2022 Single Block

Lucky River Vineyard

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Label: Wide & Luteous Light 1 by Mary Heebner 

Even though Don Lange has had the privilege for several years to have access to grapes from the Elkhorn Ridge Vineyard, it was only in the spring of 2022 that Lange Vineyard had the chance to acquire it and have complete access to the entire vineyard. This Pinot Blanc from the iconic block of Lucky River vineyard is nestled in the foothills of Oregon's coastal mountain range and is entirely on marine-sedimentary soils (primarily Willakenzie).

This Pinot Blanc is very pale in color, with a hint of fluorescent green and a dazzling brilliance, which already indicates the promise of a very nice acidity on the palate. The elegant aromas of key lime, green pear, white apple, and delicate scents of apricot is a ballet of pleasure for the nose. The palate is lively, crisp, slightly spicy and succulent, but above all very refreshing, with a tasty finish filled with subtle hints of almonds and white fruits. But it is above all its depth and stony minerality that makes it an exceptional subject with every sip. At the table, this wine will go well with many dishes, because everything is allowed if the dish is full of liveliness, but avoid anything with cream or butter in it.

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