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The Little Kit of the Wine Aficionado Eclipse Dynamic

On your marks, ready, set, go.

On April 8, 2024, a rare phenomenon will occur in the sky: a total solar eclipse that will be visible from Massachusetts.

Modern astrology predicts an extraordinary transformation on this new moon day in Arie—namely the awakening of our consciousness and the realization that we are the only bearers of the fulfillment of our human potential. But Rudolf Steiner, the father of Biodynamics (which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year), also dictates to us on this very special day, which, according to the lunar calendar, is a day of Perigee and lunar nodes. According to an Anthroposophical approach for wine tasting, this day, April 8, 2024, is not recommended for working in the vineyard. (The biodynamic Winemaker considers in his work the external clocks that regulate the development of the land, soil, plants, animals, and wine.)

So, what will happen on that day with wine? The rhythms of the biorhythmic external clocks act at the heart of organisms and the soil through various means, such as fluctuating the activity of bacteria and enzymes and affecting the variations in the bioavailability of nutrients and biocatalysts (such as trace minerals). Will the production of hormones or phytohormones, etc., be disrupted, annihilated, or transformed? 

We can wonder if our organoleptic and olfactory senses will be also transformed by this disruption of our biological clock, and if the wine, considered as a living organism, can also be affected by this astrophysical and astrological event. 

Join Us in an Experiment
According to Pierre Mason, when the rhythms withdraw, Life withdraws. So, I propose you take part with me a very cartesian experiment that could be holistically fascinating.

Bonde is offering a personalized wine tasting kit (pre-order online). Included are:

You will then be able to start the experience and compare each of its wines, before, during and after the Solar Eclipse. And find out if the very particular alignment of the stars on that day has an impact on your senses, and or and on its wines.

Methodology for the Tasting:

  1. On Sunday, April 7, if possible, between 2:30PM and 4:30PM*, taste and annotate each of the three wines.  Visual, Smell, Taste.
  2. On Monday, April 8, the day of the eclipse, if possible, between 2:30PM and 4:30 PM*, taste and annotate each of the three wines. Visual, Smell, Taste
  3. On Tuesday, April 8th, if possible, between 2:30PM and 4:30PM*, taste and annotate each of the three wines. Visual, Smell, Taste

*If you can't taste the wines between 2:30PM and 4:30PM, choose a time that suits you, (e.g. 7:30PM) But above all, repeat the experience on the other days at exactly the same time.

On Wednesday April 10th I will post on Instagram and Facebook a link allowing you to post your experience and your comments.

Order your eclipse kit here.

Order the Private Preserve wine preserver can here.