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Bonde Newsletter: "Zero-Two-Wine-Three-Eight" Vol. 4

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A Very Patriotic Resolution

Book of Bertil 1.04

Here we are at the turn of a new year, a lunar cycle of our planet Earth. 2022 is not a leap year but will be the year of water in the Chinese horoscope. It is also the Number 7: This number represents the mastery of the mind over matter and the spiritual over the material. It influences reflection, analysis, and inner life. All these factors will make for a year of great wisdom and the ability to understand the situations that will come before her for the next 365 days. It is therefore our part in this to join the quiet revolution, and by doing this making very patriotic choices.

Small lexis of the words used:

Patriotism: Refers to the dedication of an individual or family to the country they recognize as their homeland.

The Fatherland: The more serene version says that it is the place where one has one's family and/or emotional ties, or even, on the occasion of immigration, that it is the country that one has chosen to make one's life there.

Good citizenship: Refers to the respect and dedication of the citizen for the community in which he lives and the respect of its conventions. This set of written or unwritten rules, social norms, aims at the regulation of life in society and facilitates life, and survival in groups.

Responsibility: Is the obligation of a person to answer for his actions, to assume them, to bear the consequences because of his office, his position, etc.

Eco-responsibility: Consists in applying ecological knowledge, a state of real consciousness and the accountability of decisions to the decision-maker. It applies throughout the processes of governance (production, consumption) and according to the principles of sustainable development, more particularly its environmental pillars

Chapter 1: 

Wine Patriotism

The United States of America is one of the great countries where individual freedom can produce great things. This is the case with the production of our wines. Our oenologists and winemakers have the chance to study (or have studied) at the world's leading universities at the forefront of research and development. Like: U.C. Davis, Fresno, Cornell, Washington State, Oregon State. Then curious to learn, they have almost all, followed extended training in the most remarkable vineyards of the world: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Georgia, Croatia, United States, etc. Back on home soil, winemakers in the U.S. are equipped with knowledge, experience and diversified viticultural & winemaking aims without constraints or barriers, as exists for European winegrowers, who are caught in social, political, traditional, or cultural constraints that prevent them from innovating and applying new knowledge and new practices in their daily work.

This qualitative freedom allows our winegrowers to continuously innovate and plant the best choices of vines on the best terroirs, and to best of the practical millers according to the circumstances. This allows them to produce extremely good wines of superior quality from the greatest diversity of vines in the world. Nebbiolo, Syah, Sangiovese, Tokay, Musk Chardonnay, Pinot gris, blanc, noir, Gamay, Poulsard, Trousseau, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Côt, Cabernet franc, Merlot, etc... As an American we must be very proud of the diversity, and the very high quality of our wines, and this without any shame or inferiority syndrome. Then... Let's be Patriotic!

Chapter 2: 

Wine Civism

It would seem unthinkable to me, if I lived in France, to go back to a wine shop and hope for a selection of wines other than those produced in France. A French citizen drinks first French and then other countries on occasion. This is the act of good citizenship of the respect and dedication one has for the wine community in which they live as well as the pride of the artisans of their country. This set of unwritten rules aims to support one’s society and country.

So why do we Americans first drink foreign and imported before drinking our own wines? Knowing that our wines are equal and often superior to those of other countries, then why do we continue to ignore our civic acts and disdain the respect and dedication of our winemakers. Could we today support our society and our country? That would be a resonant and very reasonable act of good Civism.

Small notes note for skeptics:

The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, also known as the Judgment of Paris, was a wine competition organized in Paris on 24 May 1976 by Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant and his colleague, Patricia Gallagher, in which French judges carried out two blind tasting comparisons: one of top-quality Chardonnays and another of red wines (Bordeaux wines from France and Cabernet Sauvignon wines from California). A Californian wine rated best in each category, which caused surprise as France was generally regarded as being the foremost producer of the world's best wines. Spurrier sold only French wine and believed that the California wines would not win. In 2020 more than 30 American wines were in the top 100 best wine in the world (WS).

Chapter 3: 

Consumer Responsibility

Consumer Responsibility Citizens of the earth, of North America, we have a responsibility and an obligation to answer for our irresponsible acts of consumption that we have spawned since the Industrial Revolution. Humanity is in danger and our extinction is near if we do not change our lifestyle. We, the Baby Boomer Generation, X’ers, Millennials, and Gen Z have to assume our existence and the heavy past of present.

We have believed and believe that politicians are responsible for transforming the industry, in order to save "the planet". Yet we are all wrong. Only the consumer (you) through his individual choices can transform the decisions and practices of our industries and consequently create a powerful collective. This is the "Butterfly" effect.

Chapter 4: 

Eco-responsibility, a possible choice, without compromise

Ecological and Economic are the two words that form eco- responsibility. That's why the Bonde Fine Wine by Bertil certification label offers the guarantee that the products available meet the standards of high quality and authenticity, but also are sourced uniquely from eco-responsible practices. All our wines are sourced from sustainable, organic, natural, and/or biodynamic practice. We chose at Bonde to promote American wine, not only for the quality and diversity, but also because we want be active to limiting the carbon footprint from the vines to your table. Bonde Fine Wine Shop is a micro- space for wine and accessories for purchase, meetings, exchanges, and events, where you will discover a revolutionary concept in the approach of the 7 senses.

An active and responsive enterprise, Bonde Fine Wine is designed to serve the Local Cambridge Community by offering Local delivery and shipping service available throughout all of Massachusetts. By supporting Bonde Fine Wine, you are also supporting our own economy from our own winemakers to our small local business. And remember, drinking ecologically conscious is also drinking healthier.

We wish you A very Happy, Patriotic, and Healthy New Year.


(At the end "sante" in French, it's "Good Health" in English)


Mr. B

*Memorandum: My words and opinions in these newsletters are and would always be personal, and I intend to offend. I always accept that others have the full right and duty to challenge me, to argue, and, if it is necessary, excommunicate me from their beliefs (often dull and hollow) because I would act the same way if it were the other way around.